The salt mines at Maras have been used since Inca times

The salt mines at Maras have been used since Inca times

This tour takes you to visit two incredible sites in the Sacred Valley and to the weaving cooperative at Chinchero; the salt mines of Maras and the Incan agricultural laboratory of Moray. We will also have the chance to visit a local school that is the site of one of our social projects.  




Salt Mines, Moray, Local School Visit, Pachamanca Lunch & Chinchero

We will pick you up at your hotel at 8:30 am, and will start our day with a tour of Maras, a collection of salt mines that have been used since pre-Inca times to evaporate salt from an underground stream. It is truly a breathtaking site. 

We will then travel a nearby village called Pillaray where we have sponsored a local school and are supporting them with our social projects. We will interact with the children and you can even bring things to give the kids if you would like (ask us for ideas!).  Then we will walk to the home of a local family where a picnic lunch will be prepared--we will have a chance to make a  Pachamanca which comes from the Quechua words “Pacha” or earth and “Manka” or pot. Lunch will be prepared in this oven of hot stones, covered in earth and we will have lunch with a local family. 

We then continue on to Moray we will look down below to contemplate the concentric circles that made up an Incan agricultural laboratory. Hike down into the archaeological site with a  private guided tour of the ruins that served as one of the main amphitheaters for the Incas where they performed rituals and ceremonies. 

Finally, we will travel to Chinchero where we will then walk through the beautiful village and visit the women's weaving cooperative where we will watch a demonstration of local weavers who are still using traditional Inca patterns and techniques for dyeing fabric. Here you will have time to browse the shop which sells Inca style purses, tablecloths, wall hangings, and many other colorful and exquisitely patterned artisanal goods.  

Private transport back to your hotel in Cusco or Sacred Valley.





Groups of 2 people: $135 per person




Private transport, English speaking guide, lunch,
& entrance to salt mines.


Entrance to Moray (130 soles/$37 covers entrance to Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray, multiple museums in Cusco, and Sacsayhuaman or 70 soles/$23 which covers only some of these sites).

Pachamaca Lunch

Sharing pachamanca lunch with children at the Pillaray school with customers of Valentin's Pachamama Journeys