Visit to 3 schools with the Wakatinku foundation, May 2016

In May of 2016, we partnered with the Wakatinku foundation (, a US based 501c3 organization to visit the preschool at Pillaray and the primary schools at Ancoto and Choquecancha to deliver much needed supplies. Every single child in all of the schools received a new pair of shoes--we delivered over 338 pair of shoes!. We were honored by singing and dancing by the children at all of the schools. 

Prior to the visit, we met with the teachers at the school who told us that they were lacking in basic supplies such as plates, cups, toilet paper, soap, towels, a blackboard and school supplies. We met up with the teachers in Cusco and went on a shopping spree and on May 28, 2016, we personally visited the school in order to deliver the supplies. We met with the teacher and are committed to try and help partner with locals and the Wakatinku foundation in order to build them a new school house. We can visit the Pillaray schoolhouse as part of our tours of the Sacred Valley. Contact us if you are interested in bringing along supplies to help the kids.